FIRST TIME…Can never be replaced…

Do you remember your…FIRST TIME…

I know many naughty minds must be thinking about SEX…but well this is not I am talking about…I am talking about all FIRST we ever have in our life…the moment when you are about to do it for the FIRST TIME…it always hold a special place in the long lane of memories…isn’t it 😀

First Day at School…First Day of College…First Kiss…First Sex…First Orgasm…First Flight…First Car…First Girlfriend…First Job…First Check…First Laptop…First Gadget…First Divorce…First Wedding…First Child…First this and that…well we can go on and on forever…

And everyone has his own list of FIRSTs…which we treasure for life 🙂 …no matter how many kisses you have in a lifetime…but your First Kiss always has fond memories…you might get married thousands of time but your First Wedding is the most memorable…we have two or more kids but First Born always holds a special place…and nothing in this world can ever replace it…

We have so many beautiful memories in memoire lane…but all of us built a special corner for FIRST TIME…well I don’t know about you but I have…I will always cherish my First Day of College, it was raining like cats and dogs and for the first time in my life, I wore a salwar kameez…I remember my First Sex, ufff…it was damn painful…I remember my First Flight, I was so fucking nervous, that what will I say and where do I have to go and how will I climb on a thousand feet high plane 😀 …my first 7 inches High Heels 😀 …my first bike…my first Finger Ring, I still have it…I can go on for whole night…last but not the least MY FIRST POST…it was a recently added in the memoire lane and I am proud of it too 🙂

I am sure all of you must be thinking about your First Times…so I will leave you alone with your thoughts…and don’t mind sharing if you have some very interesting FIRST TIME for every one of us…I would love to read it…

First Time is always a First Time…

Love ❤ AARYA



5 thoughts on “FIRST TIME…Can never be replaced…”

  1. I don’t. I don’t remember any first times. I wake up each morning and read a notebook lying beside my pillow. It says Read on the front. It reminds me of who I am, just in case I slept too long and forgot. It tells me where I am, a map of my home, and routines. It also tells me names of people I need to know and what I should be doing for the day and important reminders from the day before. You see, I had an accident and hit my head three different times. I have retrograde amnesia and short term memory problems. If I don’t try to remember some things can come to me and I write them down quickly. But for all I’ve written on my computer for so many years I never wrote about first anythings.
    I make habits of things such as visiting certain blogs I enjoy and talking to those blog owners. 🙂 It helps me establish a routine so I have a better chance of at least getting a chance at a new first time everyday with someone I enjoyed on first times on previous days.
    Much Love and Respect

    1. I am so sorry to hear that Ron…but hats off to your spirit…yiu are so amazing with words that no ine can believe this that you are suffering from short term memory loss…I am so honored to meet you in the blogging world…always keep writing and inspiring…love AARYA

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