“Equality, Comparison or Different”

How Equality and Comparison run as rational

Why Ranking gets me so emotional

Rank I had in School

Rank my school has

Rank I had when undergrad

Rank which my University has

Rank I had when I was Grad

Rank that my Alma Mater has

Rank When I was in workforce

Rank My employer had

Above all, Ranks my colleagues, relations, friends and enemies had n have

What a philosophy I followed all life

My circumstances

My Perceptions

My Understandings

My Likes n Dislikes

My  Favorites n discomforts

My capabilities n disabilities

My Individuality n presence

My Priorities n difficulties

My Threats n opportunities

None and not all align to all you have n had

Who are in league of this elephant race

May I not declare as Win

For Sure I will not be called as chaser

I simply pronounce myself being different

In urge of creating mere difference





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