Me and My Family and Tomato Chutney…

Did it ever happen to you that there’s one such dish on the dining table in which your family is more interested instead of the main dish????

Well I don’t know about you guys but my family have this super addiction to South Indian Tomato Chutney…I agree that I am a good cook…if you don’t believe me you can ask VEDA, she is aware about my  awesome cooking skills 😉

But coming back to the point, as I woke up this morning I decided to make DHOKLAS, it’s a famous Gujarati Snack…I am not fond of dhoklas anymore, I used to be years ago…so I also decided to make the Famous Tomato Chutney, well it’s a kind of sauce and it taste super yummy…trust me if you are fond of tangy and spicy flavors, it’s for you…

Within an hour I was done with the breakfast…as I was setting the table, my Bro came in humping and jumping and said, “What’s in the breakfast???”

I showed him the bowl full of Dhoklas…and smiled instead he said, “Leave this, where’s the Tomato Chutney???”

I was totally zapped…I spent hour and half in preparing dhoklas and he is interested in Tomato Chutney…and not only him, everyone else is also  like that in my family…and whenever I make this chutney, no one is interested in the main course 😦 …everyone fights for the last spoon of chutney…

In fact, my husband who is not at all fond of South Indian Dishes…hogs all of it, thanks to the Tomato Chutney…well try it…its really super delicious…

And according to my brother, “This Chutney enlightens your soul” …okay stop laughing these aren’t my words…I gotta a rush before they mess my dinning table, I guess they are fighting over last spoon of LEGEN…wait for it…DARY…Tomato Chutney

I am sure now all of you must be thinking about these kinds of sidekicks for which everyone fights on the table in your family…well feel free to share it, so that we all can laugh some more, after all laughing is good for health…

See you guys on Thursday 😀

Licking Chutney Coated Fingers 😀 mmmhmmmm yummy  …Love ❤ AARYA

I swear it was not my fault the chutney was asking me to eat me...
I swear it was not my fault the chutney was asking me to eat me…

12 thoughts on “Me and My Family and Tomato Chutney…”

  1. I agree, Aarya is awesome cook. I guess you shall all be invited some day to savor the food cooked by Aarya…….. Then you all will agree with me…….. 😀

  2. You know you should really put recipes and pictures to these great things you write about. Or a link to a separate recipe article for Indian Culture Foods, just so the flow of your story isn’t broken. I WANT TO KNOW!!!!!

    1. Well I can share the receipe with you if you want 😀
      Ron I cant manage this blog…and writing a article for receipe…well I am not sure whether people will like it or not because I will share only Indian Receipes…still if you want it I will guve you a link lemme know 🙂

      1. Links would be great. Even links in the articles that you can just click on the food name and go see. This is what I love about blogs from the world. Things we never think of and things no one really thinks to tell. The real people sharing the real things of life.

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