MAGIC…everywhere around us…

‘Mamma…what is magic?’ Anna asked her mom with curiosity…she has spark of a 7 year old girl in her big blue eyes…

Her mom smiled at her question, she said, ‘why do you want to know about magic all of sudden darling?’

She came running and sat in her mom’s lap and replied, ‘Teacher said that a magician is going to visit school on Friday and he will show us magic…so what is magic?’

She smiled and picked her 7 year old, and kissed her and started walking towards the garden…Anna filled with excitement again asked her mommy, ‘where are we going maa?’

She replied, ‘You wanted to see the magic, right…so that is where I am taking you…mommy is going to show you the real magic sweety…which you will remember for the rest of your life’

She walked until they reached the foothill of the mountain…she sat on the big rock near the lake with Anna on her lap…she picked up few flowers from the nearest plant and started making tiara for her little princess, she said,

MAGIC…this word is so magical in its own self…don’t you think…

Magic is more than illusions and some hand tricks…its everywhere around us…well at least this is what I feel…

Look at the never ending sky…stars & moon…sun…our solar system and planets…this whole universe…magnificent isn’t it…have you ever thought who created it…or why is it even created…

Look at the trees, mountains, river, ocean, water falls, flowers, bird, animals, insects…you love them all…see how many amazing colors we have…have you ever thought who created them and that too so beautiful…everyone is unique and different from others…

Look at yourself…you are the most magical invention of the nature…we are capable of loving each other…love is so pure and divine…our souls are so angelic…we are so fascinating…

And last but not the least…life is magic…do we know what is going to happen tomorrow…no…so isn’t it a magic…

Now can you see Anna that none of us know…who created us and what for…but everything is just like a magic…we can’t see who is handling everything around us and how is he doing it…but all these things bring smile on our face just the way any magician brings with his tricks and illusions’

‘So you mean to say magic is everywhere…stars are magic, flowers are magic…you are magic I am magic…is that what you mean mommy’ she asked beamingly while getting down from her mother’s lap

‘Yes honey that is what I mean’ she placed tiara on her head and holding her hand started walking towards their magic kingdom, she said one more thing to her daughter, ‘If you will believe in magic…you will find it at the every corner of life…and no matter how sad you are…it will always make you smile…’

May Magic Bless You All, 

Feeling Magically Blessed…Love ❤ AARYA



I have written this post for WOW Prompt…Enjoy 


8 thoughts on “MAGIC…everywhere around us…”

  1. stars are magic, flowers are magic…you are magic I am magic..we are magic, our existence is magic. A magical story told in a simple manner and words felt from within. Btw, ur writing reminds me of someone special and this is magic how her thoughts reverberates through the soul. This is magic how our worlds’ so connected by the sheer presence of souls:)
    Magical post n sheer beauty:)

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