“Break Cozy Cocoon”

A beautiful thought came across my mind, while I was on evening walk with my pal. She is a lady of beauty and grace, a mom of two year old. An educated woman and had worked in past. When I was speaking to her, I confronted with the term “COCOON” in my mind. My answers to all her worries and queries ended on COCOON.

Yeah, I realized last evening, that we built our own realm and spheres of wonders around us. As the situation turned, we start building our own world around. The decision we made, the path we chose becomes everything to us. We tell convincing stories to ourselves. Gather the facts and make them look reasonable. The tales we built, recite so many times that it seems real. And then we get attached and pile on it.

Isn’t in life, when we don’t get something or can’t achieve something, we start hunting for rational reasons. We just prepare a list of the possibilities and probabilities we had. My quest is why we stuck ourselves in this virtual prism. Why we limit ourselves to what we don’t get. Why I start explaining to me , what I don’t possess. Why I want make someone stand responsible for it. Why I get so enthused by the one I can’t see.

Why I cant tell myself, the failure, the constraints, the restrictions I see around are as unreal as my stories. There is never a stop in actual. Stop could be a few seconds halt. But not the ultimate destination.

Worm in cocoon also knows, that its not the only world. The only difference which I can see. Its cocoon is the visible one. But it always stands for the prospects of chasing the new world. And we human rap ourselves with the simulations of mind. We fear to the odds the world can throw to us. We find comfort in the world built by us. The real truth is , the world we built is destined to change. The wheel of time will churn to us to  the change. Why to scare of which we can’t see, which has no existence.

Opportunities are there. We just need to step out of the cozy cocoon, built by my Architect Mind.

I am in way of  breaking the walls of my cocoon. Come along with me and you break yours too…………




2 thoughts on ““Break Cozy Cocoon””

  1. I was actually smiling to myself as I read this, since I too have found in early times in my life(now I don´t do it so much but still do) rationalising everything, mostly the bad things to make me feel better. So I guess I´m not the only one.

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