A True Lover…

‘Anna…Anna wait…’ he ran after her

‘Please Hank, let me go’ she replied, he grabbed her from elbow ‘No, I can’t…I need to know the reason’ he returned her piercing look…

‘I don’t think that’s important Hank’ she tried to free herself from his tight grip

‘I know that you love me too just the way I love you…I am fed up of this game…I need to know why can’t we be together…why can’t we get married’ he had that questioning look which he was carrying since months

‘YOU…YOU want to know why we can’t marry…well because I am not the suitable girl for you’ she screamed which she never did before

‘What do you mean you are not suitable…you are the fucking CEO of multibillion MNC…you are on the cover page of every business magazine…and you say that you are not the suitable girl for me’ he was not able to believe her words…the girl who is just a perfect match for the most successful man in the country, was saying that she is not suitable

‘Yes I am not…and it would be good for you if you will move on in life…we can never get married’ she said it in the tone of final verdict of some court case

‘I need to know Anna…why…I am not going to buy this crap of yours anymore’ his face was inches away from her

‘The minute I will tell you…I know you will change your mind and leave me…so why to talk also when there is no future…why can’t we pretend that there was nothing between us’ she broke into tears which she never did before…she was always know for holding her emotions

Please Anna …you swear on our love’ he wanted to give up but he knew he was very close to the reality and he can’t let her go without knowing the suitable reason which she was avoiding since day one

She looked at him for long time…freed her from his grip and walked towards the open terrace

‘Long ago we had a family friend…his name was John…he & his wife were family friends…they used to visit us at our Summer house during the summer time…they used to bring lots of gifts and chocolates, mamma always used to say no, but they never listened…I guess after Dad he was the only man I loved…until one night…

I was sleeping in my room…something woke me up but before I could figure it out what it was…he covered my mouth and raped me…he kept on raping me night after night…always telling me the same thing ‘don’t tell anyone Anna, you know how much I love you, I bring so many gifts and sweets for you, don’t worry the pain will also go away’…and this continued for 2 years I was 11…I never screamed because I was so scared and shocked that my dad’s best friend…who is respected and trusted…and above all my dad banks on him so much and he did this to me…

It was his last day…he was about to leave in the evening…everyone else was on the beach…playing, laughing, enjoying, having a great time…I stayed inside, I didn’t feel like going out and that bastard came to know about it…he came inside from the back door and grabbed me from behind and pushed me on kitchen platform but before he could penetrate my dad walked in…that was the last time I ever saw him…my dad feels guilty about it till date…he thinks it was his fault

Hank I have been raped for two damn years…you want to marry a shit like me…I don’t deserve a man like you…do you know what will the world say that you married a rape victim…you know they will figure it out…you are a great man Hank and you deserve a great woman’

She waited for him to say something but after a long pause also when he didn’t say anything…she laughed because she thought she made fool of herself in front of the most eligible bachelor of the country…now whole country will laugh at her…she said very coldly ‘what happen Hank…changed your mind…didn’t want to marry the fucking CEO…you don’t feel like sleeping with a rotten bitch like me…don’t worry, I don’t blame you…I guess if I would be at your place I would do the same’

He wanted to slap her…instead he laughed and gave her look which was more than a slap…he replied ‘That’s it…this is the reason…this is why you think we shouldn’t get married…just because you have been raped by some bastard…for god sake Ann…you were 11, you were just a kid…it could have happened to anyone…you didn’t choose it, it was that fucking monster’s wrong intention, he is supposed to be punished and suffered not you darling…not you…no kid in this world knows what’s happening…even if they want to they can never understand…so will you stop blaming yourself…

Do you know I am feeling so low in front of you right now…people praise me for my achievement and success but it’s nothing in front of yours…you didn’t give up hope and life…you choose to fought Anna you choose to fought…you overcome your past and you made a comeback in life and that too with a bang…how many girls are out there who have been raped and have the courage to face the world…no one…most of them either go in depression or drugs, some of them commit suicide…but you didn’t…look at you…you are one of the most powerful woman in the world…everyone out there wants to be like you Anna Mckay…you are inspiration for so many out there…do you know today I am feeling so proud that I know a beautiful soul like you…till date I respected you from now on I will worship you’

He knelt on the ground and said ‘Anna Mckay…you are the most amazing and fascinating woman I have ever met…I would be so honored to share this life with you…will you marry me???’

The past cannot be changed, forgotten, edited or erased, it can only be accepted…and your true love will always accept it without judging you

Love ❤ AARYA



2 thoughts on “A True Lover…”

  1. Oh my, I loved the story. and for the record, ‘Anna’ is my favorite name when it comes to naming a character 🙂
    I totally loved it and I was lost in the situation you created. Good work Aarya 🙂

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