“Say No To Excitement”

I learned a beautiful thing today. I would like you all to give your thoughts on it. Its about getting excited. It’s a state which hits us all while we are elated or dejected.

The silver lining is that we act miserable while we are adrenalized. We lost control of self. Adrenaline for sure doesn’t know when to rush. So its our duty to control it


While we are high or supreme low, we don’t have control on our emotions. And with that lost control on words too. Nobody got a eyesight which can envision our intentions before our words. We act miserable at times because of which.

Lets consider while we are happy. We blow our  own trumpets. We get eccentric. To look humble, we plainly thanks all in general. Don’t we belittled those who actually put effort for us? We are so much absorbed in selves that we don’t notice the duty of delegating the success to those who had made their truest efforts. In the run, unknowingly make others lower.

Lets consider the state where we felt despondent. We start accusing others. Start the blame game. Post ourselves as victims, helpless and vilify others. While in this whole process, we again missed that we acted eccentric.  We thought sluggishly of selves. And not consider others acting reasonably and rationally.

With all those high and lows, I am here to draw attention to a very basic point. The point is “Loosing Vision”. We become impermeable to thoughts and options. We biasedly act while we are hot. We cant scrutinize the actions correctly. Hence we cant either come up with the correct solution.

Since its important to explore or to see the hidden opportune. That’s where the visionary create the difference. They act same either boom or bash. They never raise voice, control excitement and play with apt words. How hard it may be, they stick to line of equilibria.

That’s how they rule the world. So the bottom line and mantra to success is ”Learn your Excitement and Rule your Excitement ”

I am trying hard……. still a long way to go. Get along with me in the journey………… Will you?



3 thoughts on ““Say No To Excitement””

  1. This is my little take about this great philosophical post. Yes it´s true to have a balance and not let the emotions highs or lows get too much over you to the point that they blind you. But on the other hand I believe that a high emotion, being one day happy very very happy you should let loose one day and just go with it. I´m not saying every time, but once in a while you can let yourself be free and not think about what others may think or feel. Just treasure that little moment for yourself. Yet again, all in a balance. Don´t want to be jumping up and down without thinking about others every single day, or the contrary be miserable every day feeling pity for yourself and not listening to others or offering more of you to the world.

  2. Yes it is so damn true, I have had such moments, where I was impulsive and supreme low. I have had my share of blame game, I have also vilified the one who was the reason I was low. But the fact is, once you vilify, you can never gulp back your words. They haunt you when you know their part of story. They do haunt me.
    Great post indeed.

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