Today I humbly request…all my followers and viewers to read this post…its worth reading…I would appreciate your effort…it will take only 3-5 minutes…please READ IT…

On the chilly night of December 16, 2012…a 23 year old girl was brutally GANG RAPED in Delhi, India…It is one of the heinous crime ever done in the history of India…in fact heinous is also a very decent word for DELHI GANG RAPE…one of my fellow blogger Fatima has recently wrote an emotional yet an eye opening article as tribute to the boy…who was with that brave girl till her last breath…


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This is one of the forwards I received. This incident occurred in Delhi, India; and almost every part of the world was touched by this irrefutable fact.

A year ago in-front of his eyes his girlfriend was brutally raped by six bastards in a running bus of Delhi.He fought till the time he was beaten to blue with an iron rod.They broke his leg,robbed him, snatched his mobile & left him almost naked apart from inserting a rod inside the genital of his girl friend after raping her.He fought till the time he could.Then in that chilling cold night he was thrown from the running bus along with his girl friend.They were naked,drained,exhausted & both were bleeding for different reason.In that situation he tried to stop passing cars & kept on begging a piece of shawl to wrap his naked girl friend & finally he got it after 40 minutes.

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Thank you so much Fatima…for letting me post it on my blog…I am obliged…

I am sure my Followers and Viewers won’t disappoint me…

Running out of words…AARYA


11 thoughts on “THE NEW FRIENDSHIP DAY”

  1. You need not thank me Aarya, rather I am glad you re-blogged. Because such stories should be spread as much as possible.
    I should thank you for spreading the word.
    Hope many people read and get aware of this hidden fact.

  2. I remember hearing this horrible story about what happened to that poor girl. It’s maddening when you hear about the kind of sick and disgusting people that can be found in this world. I never really heard about her boyfriend, so thank you for sharing his brave story and my heart goes out to both of them.

    1. You aren’t alone Susanna…there are many people in India only who are not aware about her boyfriend…Thanks for reading it 🙂

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