SPECS…my beautiful eyes…

As I woke up this morning…the first thing I asked my husband as soon as I came in my sense… “what is the one thing that I am connected with from the very first second?”

He picked my glasses from the night stand and he put them on my face “Your specs, honey…they are with you like forever…you two are just inseparable”

I adjusted my glass and smiled “Yeah…you know this is today’s Daily Prompt Challenge”

Does it happen to you or is it just me…when someone ask you your favorite thing or throw a sudden question at you…you just go blank…I don’t know about you guys but I have this problem…as I read the Prompt Challenge, I was thinking that what‘s the one thing…I didn’t want to write about Vicky…I kept on thinking but nothing…blannnkkk…

So I decided I will ask Vicks…I knew we are together since forever…so he will know for sure what is the one thing I am in love with like forever…and he told me MY SPECS 😀

I got glasses when I was 10…since then it has been part of my life…I can live without anything in this world…but my specs, they are my life, my love…I can’t think without them…before going to bed it is the last thing I see and touch…every morning when I get up my baby is the first thing I see and touch…I can manage without my makeup kit but my specs…it’s a must…

Initially I used to hate it…those big ugly duckling glasses…eeww…there were lots of other reasons too…like I love makeup, with glasses…wearing  makeup was useless…specs doesn’t look cool with every outfit…seriously try wearing it with your wedding dress, you will look like a clown…so, as soon as I got in College, I asked doc for contact lens…I flaunted my beautiful eyes and makeup expertise for over a year than lenses started showing their true colors 😡  …I realized if I will not discontinue lens, I might lose my eyesight too…so I kissed them goodbye…

As I was grown up and mature, I realized that so what if I have glasses I can look sexy and awesome in that too…I bought three awesome pair of specs 😎  …and the rest is history…in ten years I have owned hundreds of glasses each of them were special in their own way…I loved them all…and I also learnt that you can wear eye makeup even with glasses on…in fact it will highlight your eyes more…

I have 17 years of relationship with my darling…I can’t see my life without them…now my husband wants me to go for laser surgery to get rid of my second eye permanently…he says my specs blocks my beautiful eyes 🙄 …well I am also happy about it but I don’t think so I will be able to leave my glasses behind…17 years is a long time and it has become part of my personality and who I am…

Well I guess I have few more months to enjoy my specs…but I don’t think so I will be able to leave my partner forever…I am sure even after the surgery, I will keep my fabulous glasses somewhere in my goodie box…and I will wear it and flaunt it when Vicky would be out of town 😀

I love your eyes but I love my eyes (specs) more…because without mine I can’t see yours…

Admiring my newly bought pair of specs…Love ❤ AARYA

Daily Prompt: First Sight



5 thoughts on “SPECS…my beautiful eyes…”

  1. I look through your eyes, that’s the reason I can see great colors in life. You look beautiful with or without Specs, it’s just me who always want’s to see you like a princess.

  2. Good one, Aarya!! I had fun reading them. You know what, ppl say I have pretty eyes and touchwood I nvr had any issues with’em…. but I always wanted to wear specs.. 😛 The grass is always greener n the other side!!! I’m planning to buy’em soon…juust to flaunt!! 😀

  3. It was fun reading this article. I have recently got specs (2 months probably), and I was literally melodramatic about it. I felt I lost one part of me, though I can see without specs. So now I enjoy wearing specs,
    I am sure it would be though to get rid of something, you want to cling to.

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