Quest: “I, Me and Myself “

I am so much in myself

I never espy the presence of others

I was so much indulged in me

I couldn’t see the pain had others

I cried blatantly

even someone hurt, the name I given

Though I was not awaken by the

whimper of others

I wanted a big house, a rich sophisticated, sleek guy

Never looked upon those 276 ย Nigerian School girls

Abducted at Chibok, N bartered for nickles to old guys

Why couldn’t I confess that there are many others

With big dreamy eyes

I want to be free, flying across the sky

While the flesh of these pretty souls will be butchered high

Why cant I see beyond me

I want white collar job, a Rolls Royce car

And A line of awards

What about those who threatened their lives

to light the house of mine

302 Coal Mine Workers on land of Turkey

Died because One “I”, didnt feel the value of life of many

The Jingling coins made “I” blind to the safety,

Soma’s Miners died, in Blast N Fire

Triggered by Electric Fault N Carbon Monoxide Poisoning,

I am in so much love to me,

I cant see the grief of any





Abduction of Nigerian Girls

Turkey Mine Disaster



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