Quest: “Who am I?”

In the journey of Who am I,

Hunting for hidden treasure I possess,

I knocked the door of Academic Castles.

Gone through the voyage of experiences,

Went on the exile of timid happiness and sorrowfulness,

Busted my spine and broke my feet,

Dried out eyes and with swollen knees,

Mind pushed me back,

Heart dragged me ahead,

Standing on crossroad of my quest


Spirit water lies inside me.

Emotions like rage, desire, animosity

has breached with me

The impulsive attitude of mine

Kept me away from the golden path

bridging to the quest

Which  every soul is sought for





7 thoughts on “Quest: “Who am I?””

  1. This is great. And so true. Every single human being has this quest. And not only “Who am I?”. But also, “Why am I here?”, “Why does death exist?”, “Why am I frightened of death?”, “Where am I going when I die?” But first and foremost, “Who am I?”

    1. Very true Staci…… I am glad to know that I am not alone in search of this quest… Hopefully with our writings we can conquer these quests.. 🙂

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