Talk is the ” MAGIC BOAT “

Happy Monday to all. Its the beginning of the week. Sometimes I felt it as a threshold. I need to throw myself with activation energy through the day to bell the week ahead. My MONDAY morning started with a ” Crucial TALK”. Today I acknowledged the power of talk in a relation. Having a talk directly to one you troubled with, is the unbeatable way to straight it.

Until the conversation with my mother in law, I always believed that we can settle roughs with our blood relations only by a small talk. And either a man or lady , everyone knows what it likes when have to speak to in laws. So was the situation for me. I was equally anxious and anguished with mine sensitive relationship. From bottom of my heart I want everything to be at place. I wish to see everyone living the relationship then dragging it with heavy feet. Although, we can’t sail smooth everytime.

Apparently, we can make the journey more lovable if cant lubricate it. The best way to do is to talk. Never take your foot back. As in a race with other guys, if I back myself I will loose. So does happen when comes to life. When I felt that my boat is tossing. I simply didnt await for others to take action. I tried to instigate the talk. To find the solutions.

The one who initiates with an intention to bring tranquility. In actual navigate the relation to the correct direction. While making a talk, the must is to talk about mutual interests. Never ever try to revenge or bring the forgotten moments in it. It wont be any help. It will just make the situation worst. I did the same. Let me share an incidence.

” For the last couple of weeks my mother in law, wasn’t responding the warm way she used to. She seems to be upset and not interested. It wasn’t just with me though with my husband too. It strife both of us. She made a couple of remarks to me. I didnt react to her. However my love has to face the tough time on behalf of her. I know thats not good. I was troubling my most beautiful relationship. I didnt want that. Then I slept over the issue and decided to talk my mother in law directly. I called her and asked her,” Are you  troubled with something, as both your son and I are worried about you. We are bit concerned about the kind of conversation we had last couple of times. Are you hurt with something? Can we talk about it?”

That’s what I said. And she burst all in tears. She started spilling all kind of troubles she was having. We hardly spoke for fifteen mins. I spoke for two mins and rest she. By the time talk ended, she was refreshed. I was relieved . I was happy to know that she didnt mean all things she spoke to me before. She was happy by knowing that however we are not near to her but we are very close to her. She got a shoulder where she can weep out everything all time.”

With a small talk, both returned to state of bliss. And My hubby who was eagerly waiting for my call, was the most happy. As his heart and soul all are aligned.

I wish and urge you all, whenever you feel, something  slipping away from your hand. Then simply talk, with true intentions and mutual interests.

Hope you like it……….



4 thoughts on “Talk is the ” MAGIC BOAT “”

  1. That´s very true what you said, but rarely happens though, in most cases humans do tend to be a bit selfish and not think about the “why” the other person is acting the way they are acting so they just get angry or blow the off and not want to talk. So that was a great advice, put yourself in the other shoes(if they are worth it) and talk with mutual interest, that last sentence is key. The mutual interests, almost like a business proposal.

    1. yep, as all of us are rational beings, we look for our interest and benefits. I don’t know why relationships are heading that way, but that’s the bitter truth. With that we need to look for this mutual interest to open up other ‘s mind..

      Thank you for your valuable thoughts… 🙂

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