Quest: ” Past- Clench it or Release it ? “

Its a nice day today. Cool breeze is flowing. Birds are tweeting. Leaves are dancing. Stems are waving. And flowers are smiling.Well today’s topic of talk is ” PAST”.

It happens to me several times. I stuck up with the stinking past. It reeks so hard that malign my present too. If you guys don’t have this syndrome. Its a bliss. You should celebrate that you are gifted with the skill of keeping the past buried under heavy tomb. You know the art of dancing and commemorating  the present. Otherwise many of us carry our past as heritage or a birth mark.

We shall understand and inculcate the art of not clinging to past. It brings nothing other than pain. I want to throw lights on few points.

What we get when entail with past?

We trap our selves to the time which doesn’t exist in real. We choose to live in virtual, and expects other to do the same. We stink as the stagnated and contaminated water. If we achieved in past, we beat the drum everywhere we go. If we lost, we weep and mewl wherever we go. We don’t see the bright light front ahead. Because our eyes are heavies and sight is blurred. We can’t smell the soft fragrance as had the running nose. Can’t hear the beautiful rhythm, as ears are numbed with the past’s blow.

This present will turn into past next day. What are we doing? Are we building the past of sorrow for the coming day. These days are just the number. These sorrows and happiness are like the heart beats.If heart moves on one rhythm, the  man will be pronounced dead. Its the news which we hate to hear most.

If heart clings to past, life wont move. If scientists trapped into past, new inventions wont happen. If Astrophysics, Astronomy restricted to past, new universe wont unleash. If Chef savors to old taste, new yummy dishes wouldn’t have been on the palate. If architecture clamped to past, wont design the wonders. If we chose to stick to past, couldn’t  create the new world.

Past is just to study as researchers do, refer the best, forget the rest. Gain the experience and build the best.

So shall all we do…………. 🙂



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