Quest:” What is illusion?”

Rising of Sun

Setting of Sun

Is an illusion

Flowing River

Discerns as different from Ocean

Is an illusion

What others think of me

What others perceive of me

Is an illusion

The color of skin

The speech of being

The rituals of religions

These castes and creeds

So called land boundaries

Are the illusions

What are illusions?

The one which we perceive blindly

Or the one which are not visible physically

Don’t we need to educate ourselves

These illusions had led to

Wars, struggles, blood, violently

Don’t we need to interrogate inner selves

Am I looking to illusion or to the real

Imprudent human minds have deluded

Created the illusion on the name of

Almighty undefeated power over all

Don’t we live in the world of delusions?

Rehearsed the deceptions for years and years

Muttered them day and night

Made the illusion real world bright




Would appreciate your opinions and views...I am here to listen...

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