Quest: ” Jealousy – Fire or Fungal Infection ? “

Hope you all enjoyed Aarya’s blog last day. Today I wanna all of us to have thoughts on most felt emotion:  Jealousy

You must all be thinking, why am I talking about this? On serious notes I do want to have a deeper talk on that. We all get churned by this emotion often. My quest is why we turn green eye? What are the whys and whereof this emotion? Aren’t all of us at one point of life has become envy? We do, Right! The interesting fact is that this phenomenon is not restricted to those who we are in competition with. It could be with anyone, anywhere and anytime. I want to bring this heinous jealousy down by winning over it.  I have few concerns and want to share it…….

The point of concern is : if jealousy hurts?

It does for sure.  This emotion is so acerbic in nature. Once its inside we start fuming and babbling. We wanna get out of that place. We feel the intense desire to breathe fresh air. We agitated so deep that we want someone to hold us and say that everything is fine.

Now the next point is: whom does jealousy hurt?

Who gets hurt, the one who envied or the one who we envy of? That’s the irony of this emotion. The person who we envied fills with the sense of pleasure. And the one who envied faces the terrible pain. So, none other than ourselves get hurt. We hurt by the emotions we created and fanned.

Not to be forgotten: Does it get physical?

Perhaps it could. When we can’t understand that all those terrible ideas are just the play of this brilliant human mind. It’s the action of the uncontrollable testosterones. All is illusion and the fantasy of human psyche. We get violent, abusive and turn to show the worst behavior of ours. Some of the times we hurt ourselves by feeling down. We lower our confidence. We start nagging. We talk negative. We consciously burry ourselves under the big heap of pessimism. Some who couldn’t control get physical too.

What’s the Point: What to do?

Jealousy is just an emotion. I won’t let it play with me. Rather I would play with it. Its an emotion which is trying to blind me. It’s the one which asking me to pay unnecessary attention. Its asking me to lose my energy. Its asking me to burn from within. Its a fungal infection which is trying to spread on my mind. Its asking me to lose charm and humanity. Why should I be squirmed and wriggled by an emotion.

I am a human of tall stature. I will bow but to the beautiful statue of humanity not to ugly green twisted torn JEALOUSY………

So do you…




8 thoughts on “Quest: ” Jealousy – Fire or Fungal Infection ? “”

  1. Great post Veda – and once you begin to understand we are all connected, the sense of separate self is an illusion and begin to come from love and empathy, these dark emotions begin to fade away 🙂

    1. Well here I meant to say fungal infection on face……. Sometimes our jealousy pretty much visible in our gestures to others…. thats for sure creates detest in everyone who look at us… as the very first impression we have when we look at someone’s infected’ face…………..

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