Veda and I really cannot believe that our blog have been nominated for Howler Award…we are just two months old and gosh…I am running out of words…actually I was humping and jumping like a frog from one room to another when I got to know 😀

howlerawardv1Well, we would like to thank SAMIR who has nominated us for this award…and who is following our blog sincerely since few weeks, for which I would like to thank him once more 😀 …He has really amazing blog VIEWSPLASH-  …you guys should definitely check it out…

We are really honored, and because we are just couple of month old makes it more exciting for us…We are really happy to be part of the WOLF PACK  🙂

The rules of this award are:

Display the award on your blog. This can be in your sidebar or on a special award page.

Thank the person who gave you the award and link to their blog.

Give 3 examples of things you would like to see changed in the world.

Nominate (in your own time) at least 5 bloggers that deserve the award. – you can take your own time to choose the bloggers is the best thing…

Donate the equivalent of $10 to a charity of your choice (optional because I cannot check it, however it would be HIGHLY appreciated.

Wolves are faithful, loyal, social and honest. Please keep that in mind when awarding this to someone. Members of the WordPress Wolfpack can hand out the award at their own discretion, non-members can hand out the award after they have gotten it themselves or they can suggest the person they want to nominate to one of the wolfpack members.


Now, three things that VEDA and I would like to change in this world:

  • We want everyone to come to understand the basic concept of society. It was never been about cast, color, creed, religion, or place. It was just to protect ourselves from the wild animals. Not to protect from wild minds which we have become today…
  • The different religions, which have created the tallest walls in the humanity…So please everyone, brush up your years of built ideologies. These religions are just different school of thoughts…
  • Everyone should develop the sense of listening to others and understanding too…So that these wars, dissatisfaction and altercations could be avoided forever…
  • I know only three are required but I can’t resist myself so there is one more thing that I would like to change but only for my country INDIA…we would like to change the Law & Order of India, we are still following 100 years old rules and regulation…we are in desperate need of change ASAP…

As far as charity is concerned, we both believe that one should do it and forget it…

Here’s the list of bloggers we have nominated after hours of brain storming later…do check them out they are worth reading…

1. A god Coloured Girl in a Grey World:

2. Forgetten Meadows:

3.God Through my eyes:

4.Neeta Bali:


With Love ❤



5 thoughts on “THE HOWLER AWARD…”

  1. Awwwww, you two are so sweet. I am truly honored that you would consider me for this award. I have to let you know though that I have decided to make my blog an award-free blog. I just don’t have a lot of time and I decided to make my blog just simply my ‘creativity cupboard’. I hope you understand. I am truly thankful that we have met and I look forward to reading your future posts. 🙂

    1. That is alright Staci…we respect your decision and we love your blog so thought of nominating you…looking forward to read more awesome posts from your end… ❤

  2. Thank you so much for the award but I’m so sorry I am exactly in the same space as Stacy, my blog is an award free one because it is just a space to express myself and stuff I do and at the moment I am busy writing a book and have no time really….Just so happy to know you two and look forward to conencting a lot more 🙂

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