Quest: “What’s the Aim of my Life?”

In search of Aim of Life

Destructed my whole sight

I kept on flipping cards

And Rolling on all divergent sides

Its the biggest riddle unsolved yet

Not only for me

But for most of soles living on planet earth

We get intimidated, apprehended

When we discern that other possess it

Until we get it

We look for motivation

Once we have it

Become the epitome of  incitement  n compassion

Don’t want to become neither a chaser nor a follower

To those who themselves, the Acolyte

It simmers me often within

That’s not right

I need to examine myself more

Permeate within me deep

To perceive the intent of my life





2 thoughts on “Quest: “What’s the Aim of my Life?””

  1. That’s the question that all humans, at one time or another, are faced with. What is the purpose of life? Why do I exist? What is the purpose of ‘my’ life? Why am I frightened of death? What define’s me? How can I be made complete?

    1. Very true Staci… The one who understood this quest.. won the battle of life…success followed them whole life.. Thank you for sharing your thoughts..

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