Quest :”Is  Definition of Friend Circles Changed?”

Today I will share the observation I have made in last couple of years. And the objective of experimentation is: “To understand the changing patterns of comfort zone or freindship”.

Yeah, the interesting point is that in this Experiment, we all are the apparatus. As in any experiment the same apparatus are used in different set ups to achieve the same Aim. So does happening with us live human beings in real life. The aim is to have somebody to talk around and be happy.  Well that sounds good. And the Social Networking Sites have made it more convenient for us. No commitments. No formalities. Isn’t it? What a life , with a click we can choose our worries too. Now days these accessibilities are readily available on Social Networking Sites and The Blogging Space.

As far as I could remember the very first popular social networking site was Orkut though Friendster was the first in league. Young Generation was very keen and excited to use it. Then LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and now the market is full of that.  The best part is that you can be connected to anyone anywhere and anytime. Terrific isn’t it.

I learned that while being busy and keeping oneself engaged on these social networking sites. We don’t have enough time to pay attention to the family or person we are living with. We keep our eyes on the msgs and pings on these social networking sites. Though we keep our ears on for the creatures existing within same living space, their voices fall on deaf ears. We don’t give them a damn. When things turn awful, we say “SORRY”, and all are even.

After all, why should we be so dramatic about it? Everyone has their FB account. Everybody has their own friend circles. On that too I got more options to choose who I wanna a talk. if not then don’t . Where is the courtesy concept, where is the mutual understanding concept and where is the adjustment concept?  Everything seems me getting more formal now. Looks as if everyone is with a plastic smile and list of affable words and ready to go.

We all have started treating each other as the different packages on a Food Shelf in a supermarket. Everything is available. Pick what you want. That’s good. But are not we human beings? Don’t we need other kind of treatment? Are not we got more relax on these networking sites? Do we not feel these family get to gathers and family customs as pain in neck? Where are we heading exactly?

Another very eye catching concept is the blogging. One day one of my friends asked me,” why do I do blogging?” I was stubbed! Because the very first thing rang into my head is that I need to speak my mind. As nobody has interest and time, I found it as a perfect place to free myself.

For that moment I felt, what a bizarre? All unknown people, who neither met, not know each other, live in different countries across the globe. All are sharing common space. They are taking their interests and listening to the feelings, believes, pain, trauma, hilarious moments and confessions of each other. All are looking after each other by waiting for the other bloggers writing. Often go on the reader’s page to read and appreciate and alleviate the others. Post comments to motivate, to correct and to mention their expectations.

What a kind of relationship we guys are living, a relationship which is based on common interests or pain?

 Well I don’t have answer for it either? I just know that I am enjoying this relationship of pen and thoughts with you all for the time being.



2 thoughts on “Quest :”Is  Definition of Friend Circles Changed?””

  1. I read your fictional story and then this.
    This is way better. And I totally agree.
    Social media made us all distant rather then bringing us closer.
    As far as blogs are concerned, for me it was a manifestation of my hobby. I always wrote but now I am showing it to whoever reads it!
    That’s why I blog and maybe you will relate to it.

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