Love: “Pleasure Or Pain”



Pleasure or Pain

Not lust apparent

As not trapped in glamour and fame

Starts through hurt

Travels to heart

Culminates to intense pain

Is it a win, by losing game

Stings of desperation

Acts as astounding addictions

Cant’ you leave

Cant’ you live

Invisible Garrote tights the neck

Chokes the heart

Blocks the Brain

Veins seems to explode

Eyes run non stop

Still want to play again and again

Despite these pains

Everyone wants to fall for it

Till the last drop of blood in the Veins

Is it the most sought pleasure giving pain???



7 thoughts on “Love: “Pleasure Or Pain””

  1. And then there’s the saying, “It is better to have loved and lost, then to have never loved at all”
    Love makes us truly vulnerable. And when we’re vulnerable, we are open to pain.

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