Pokey Conversations

Today I wanna talk about the pokey conversations. I am not that good in handling such conversations. It always starts with a kind of resentments and ends with emotional outbursts. It always lead me to a kind of emotional drama. I will shout, have heavy discussions,  lists all rights and wrongs. On the top of that I will apply all kind of spiritual stuff and psychology, I know so far.

I am not sure about that you all do this it or not. Perhaps you all are stronger than me. For me its high tide time. I should know well how to overcome these tough situations . These are tough to crack because emotions + ego are associated with  it.  I don’t want to hurt others and get hurts eventually in the process. Its not a win-win situation for either of us.  Definitely I don’t want to loose head. That’s not at all my type. Then What to do:

1) These guys hate you smiling. So smile to the fullest whenever you meet them. That’s the biggest set back for them.

2) Always have general conversations. Don’t offer them space to get specific. Everyone doesn’t deserve that title.

3) Never be harsh. Whenever they butt, never  try to explain yourself. We are neither encyclopedia nor answerable to them. Tell them general stuff.  Start asking them their stuff.

4) Always turn the conversation to them. Let them have a ferry round.

5) Still if they nudge you. It means that they are asking for roller coaster ride. We should never say no to anyone if asks explicitly.  And the rules are:

  • Let the ride be short. Don’t talk long. Means spend less time with these guys.
  • As rides are bit jerky. So as your conversation shall be. Before explaining full, asks question in between

 May be these may not sound the full proof help. But they can act as seal to big leak. Sometimes we need others to understand that we are not available as you want. You cant dance on our head on your beat. As we respect the integrity of yours, so do you need to do mine.

I am harsh but true………..



Would appreciate your opinions and views...I am here to listen...

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