Sometimes Expectations appears to me as slow poisoning. It’s a kind of hereditary disease which transfers from one generation to other. Grandparents had poured their heritage of expectations to the parents. As traditions shall be followed uninterrupted parents swiftly and proudly inject their desires into the new generation.

This whole phenomenon came into my notice while I was watching one renowned Indian Kid’s dancing show.  With no objection and absolute consent I agree that Kids were awesome. They were professionally trained. At the age of five and seven, when I can hardly remember Humpty and Dumpty, they know all types of dances. To my amaze many of them were throwing expressions of matured dancers. They were fearless. I loved their audacity.

However few things bothered me and raised few concerns. Firstly with every act when parents were asked how they felt for their kids getting selected? Almost everyone replied that they are getting their dreams true through their sprouting kids. Isn’t it disturbing that these kids are groomed in the closed dome of their parent’s desires. These young kids are glittered with the glams around. And kids just love sparkles. How far it could be convincing argument that you loaded them with your heap of desires?

I agree that kids need guidance and support. They are innocent, don’t have exposure and with absolute no experience. But that doesn’t mean that we levied them with what I had thought to do for so many years. I guess they deserve to choose the interest they want to be in. We shall stand to their sides to help them in searching their talent. We should be there to help them face this exhausting hit and trial phase. They need to be trained to take their own stands, believing in themselves. They shall be daunting, fearless and unstoppable.  As parents our duty shall be to build them to take on waves come to them in their future. Because we can’t be with them all time everywhere. But this attitude will be with them every time all time. So don’t give them seethe pleasure, but indestructible strength……….




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