Father & Son

Father & Son

Once upon a time there was a small town called “Hurry Burry”. The town was half covered with green paddy fields. The rest of one third had bright apple orchards, the half of remaining were covered with bulbs of tulips and sweet scent of roses. The remaining was filled with the big and small muddy houses. It was the land of love and hope. It had couple of hundred people, live like a big family.

There lived a father and son, sweet and small family. Father was a newspaper man. He had a ride. He used to collect papers early morning. Put them all on bike and deliver in whole town. Everyone just loved him. He talks well and greets all. He was a kind a popular in town. He was the hero of his little son. His son loved to ride on his back. He loved the speeds his father drove. He used to bet in town, no one can drive ever as his father did. “When someone asks what you want to be? He always says I like to be my Father type”.  Father feels really pride.

The time passed away. Son grew into handsome charming guy. Father turned into grey guy. As they grew so did the town. One evening, the old man was waiting for the son. His son was never late. The minutes turned into hours, hours turned into day. Next morning rings the siren high around his house. He jumped from bed to look around. Somebody knocked door really hard. He ran to open fast. When he looked down his son was lying on the stature on ground. He cried endlessly. He looked to officer to know how it happened. The officer said,” Like you, your son broke the traffic sign and drove fast. He smashed into trailer hard. He got severe brain injuries. He couldn’t bear the terrible pain, died in morning eight. The last words he said to us.” Hope my father would have taught me the things right”.

Kids always look to us for examples. So set good one.

Signing off for today..



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