Communicating at Workplace


What matters most ? Communication or Conversation or Arduousness? 

In my 29 years of life I initially thought that neither of matter them most. The thing which keeps you ahead of others is you. I always believed before in (AADE) : approach, attitude, determination and effort. I pushed myself harder believing that success lies in hardship.

Over the time I learned that its not just your dexterity which molds you in beautiful artifact. The Artifact achieves the title of beauty when these steps are taken

  • Presented well
  • Among the right people
  • At the right time

Yeah, that may look sour or filthy. Apparently that’s the Mantra of getting your things noticed. Thus the conversation in our communication plays a daunting role.

Present Well:

Everyone on the floor is busy guy. No one gets  time to pay you attention unless you have

  • Either something of their interest
  • Or you have something different but interesting to listen
  • Idea is attractive to look at and easy to understand
  • Although work shall be well supported with facts and figures

Among the right people:

Everyone has a field of interest and specific authorization Presenting thesis of physics to Psychology person wont get you a scholarship. So its always important to address right stuff to right audience. Otherwise your product has no future. It’s same as launching the Night Rejuvenating cream to Guys in mid 20’s.

At the right time:

In today’s fast space, presenting idea on time becomes a mandate. One need to consider the following:

  • Hit the iron when its red hot, not before and then. If  gives solution quite before the problem hits, wont present you as visionary. As people will forget the solution by the time needed most. So giving it on time is important.
  • Understanding the availability of information is too important. It helps one to understand about your punctuality, sincerity to work and role in the continuity of operation.

Thus just WORKING HARD 24*7*365 is not THE SOLUTION.




Would appreciate your opinions and views...I am here to listen...

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