4 Distressing Things Going Around

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I was watching CNN morning New Day. Its a kind of my routine to start my day with tea and looking at line of actions happening across the globe.For the last couple of weeks, the kind of news reported everyday alarms me.Painstaking events have occurred in last quarter. Its heartbreaking to see people suffering.

The four news to look at:

  1.  Ferry sank in southwest coast of South Korea on Wednesday 16, 2014. It has 459 people, 292 are still missing, It includes high school students too.
  2. Malaysian Flight MH370 is still missing since March 8, 2014. The flight for unknown and unidentified reasons went missing. It had 239 passengers including 12 crew members. United States, Australia, United Kingdom and Malaysia are paddling hard in their search mission. Still no sign of exact reason yet.
  3. Crisis in Ukraine. Its going terrible day by day. Its difficult for me to put it into words.
  4. Guinea’s Ebola Crisis. More than 100 people died infected with Ebola virus. The virus has no cure yet. It doesn’t spread through air. But contagious once infected blood or saliva breaks into skin.

Hope and wish that:

  • More lives are saved from the big ferry sank. Reasons can be identified what lead to disaster. Adequate steps are taken for future.
  • The missing plane and the reasons can be established to avoid such tragedies to happen again.
  • Ukraine come out of crisis in peaceful way.
  • Ebola’s anecdote be developed fast. The disease gets controlled in rapid manner.

 Its all for today……



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