Don’t Dig, Just Rig


Loosing Deadlines! D’ Day! Due dates !….

I guess all of us get affected with the syndrome PROCRASTINATION  some of the time in our lives. I had been severely infected with it during my under grad days.  When we used to get assignments. The first thing used to do is to check with the due date. Calculating the days on finger tips and then forgetting about it. I guess Engineering students are the worst in this scenario. We will keep the stuff till the night before the D’Day.

We used to follow three step strategy at that time. First to message all friends to know who completed the assignment If fail to establish, get to second. Search for senior assignments. As we were getting smarter, so do the professors. They never repeat the assignments. Alright the third one never failed technique: Will divide the assignment into parts. Give each part to one who got the expertise in it. By morning, everyone will be ready with their parts. Then we compile everything.  And everyone will be set to copy. I am sure, we were great help to professor. We were the best time saver for him. He just need to pick one copy and check the assignment. If its correct, all are correct. If not, then all are wrong. With one copy,he was done….. What a unity in diversity we undergrads used to symbolize…..

As we grew, so do the work and responsibilities. During job, I used to follow a simple rule. Take a paper, and divide it into three columns: 1. Urgent  2. In priority 3. To be done.   To make it work perfectly, I used to season it with time line. Then pick from 1–>3. By the end of the day, things were seem to be in line. By the due date they were good to go.

One thing that to be followed blindly: penned all things down I need to do by due date. To my shock, I learned that most of time I used to waste my time in getting the things I need to do. The things to do were not a big job. Perhaps getting a understanding of what things are to be done and What has to accomplish is the MOST IMPORTANT. once I am clear about my job and resource, I am all ready. This helps me to set my plan, see the danger zone and let me know the time it needs.

The things were never big, we make them big. So with small tips, we can make them rig.

Signing off for today…..



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