Daily Prompt: Expressing Myself in Writing


Expressing me is the biggest gamble I play all day every day. If ball is in my court, I am on. If not I am off. I guess it’s a kind of batch process, which got the same raw materials like my thoughts, however customized products through the brain for others. It’s the toughest thing I do. Some of the times it grilled me hard. I find it difficult to be at service to everyone. For that I always preferred to have my zone which restricts the others.  A place where I can be true, not worried of either hurting others or me.

I find that bliss in writing. Through blogging, it becomes the fun. I can express my sluggish side to the wildest imagination. The words have become the dearest and strongest friend of mine. I can speak to myself with them.  I can decode the silence of mine with a bang. I can be louder and louder without a noise.

With this writing, I have danced, sung, painted and debated. These words have danced from Indian BHARATNATYAM to Brazilian SAMBA on the stage of BLOG. I could have dressed my writing the way I wanted. I could have chosen any tone to dance as I liked.  Not only that I have sang song of various type, from Classical to Jazz. I was never stopped by anyone for not in tune. Whatever I wrote flowing or not was accepted. I was always listened patiently until I was true.  I have sung the various nodes, sometime low sometime high without any shy.

This writing has provided me with an ink, which can make a picture live. Not only with different words I can fill many colors. I can make it look alive. The thoughts are first dyed in emotions, and then portrayed on plane sheet. While they get dry, picture become more bright and bright. I could never define a person so well with my brush. But these words have done that.

Those words become my voice. My opinion has become more rejoice. I could debate to anyone. I could question to anyone. I have been in charge to answer any one. Writing has provided me with many rights. While I express, I can choose either left or right. This has made my life very light. There is not any fixed zone to fight. It doesn’t have any boundary to be tied. One can chose the way you like.

Which way of art can provide me to express myself in so many ways other than write….




Would appreciate your opinions and views...I am here to listen...

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