TIME MACHINE:  Go to era of Bhagwad Gita  & Chanakya


I always enthused and intrigued to the past, mostly toward the past of Indian economics, political and spiritual scenarios.  The land of India has seen many centuries and many transformations. It has witnessed many battles. The mean behind those battles have varied from good vs evil, economic satiation, political desire, empires expansion to the spread of religions.

If I were ever given a chance to go back, I would love to go to two different time zones. One is in 326 BC, to the Magadh, Bihar, Eastern India.  The other I would love to go 5000 years back in the battlefield of Kurukshetra, Haryana, Northern India.

These two centuries play a very significant role in Indian History. In fact the researchers who love Economics and Arts are enthralled with the Kautilya aka Chanakya , the great economist and political researcher of 320 BC who united the India very first time.  While the spiritual gurus are captivated with the Holy Bhagwad Gita, originated in the battlefield of Kurukshetra.  It is the most read book in the world. Some read it for spirituality and some out of anxiousness.

First to begin with the era of 320 BC, I would like to meet Chanakya, the writer of Chanakya Neeti and Arthasashtra. I would go and ask him, whether I could be his research assistant. For the first time ever, someone has come up with detailed journal on how to form and run the government. He brought the concept of coin to India in trade. I would love to learn some of his political genius.  He had a stable and calm mind in one of the most agitated histories of India. He with his genius freed the land from the hand of well-known Persian King, Alexander the Great. He got the capacity of making a poor boy into the emperor of India. I would be privileged to meet such magnificent personality in person. Perhaps I could have told him about the future India. And he could have come up with the full proof economic plan for the country. Who knows that it could have saved India.

Secondly , I would love to be in the battlefield of the Kurukhshetra,  almost 5000 years ago. There I would get the chance to watch the huge army and warriors which either I watched in movies or read in books. I would get to see the fight of good vs bad in real. Some of the researcher from the National Geographic Channel’s program , ANCIENT ALIEN say that first time in human history ever the nuclear weapon was used  on this land.

Well I don t want to witness the nuclear disaster. But I want to hear the Bhagwad Gita and would love to learn it directly from the creator of it, lord KRISHNA. It would be so fun, to ask him all questions directly, like why I fear, Why everyone fights for their ego, land, and money. I would ask him to give me a magic wand which can eradicate the sorrow from everywhere. I would love to see ARJUNA, the warrior. He has always portrayed as the strongest character in the Indian Epic, MAHABHARTA.

I would too have asked the Lord Krishna to write the Bhagwad Gita in Comic style. I could tell him to write in easy to read and understand language. I could have warned him of piracy and copyright issue. So that he could have come up with special kind of hologram to maintain the authenticity of scripture.

Well I am not sure, that I could ever meet both of them.  Though I enjoy and love them most, So I always have Bhagwad Gita, Chanakya Neeti and Arthasashtra on my shelves.  So that I can go into the past whenever I want to.




10 thoughts on “TIME MACHINE:  Go to era of Bhagwad Gita  & Chanakya”

      1. Killing was just a figure of speech! I meant how good it’ll be if we could just erase the bad that happened then and bring forth just the good! 😀

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