Daily Prompt: Green-Eyed Lady




O’ that’s the very common expression, I can see around. I guess it’s the ugliest expression. But I can’t help it. I too have been diseased with this syndrome. I do remember how terrible I felt couple of times. It’s a kind of burning sensation within. I feel to shout loud. However that’s not the good way to deal.

I get envy of others because of timing. I don’t understand how others have achieved so much in same time. Some of the times, I don’t get how their path could be so smooth. They need to wish and blink. Things happened to them. They might not know the stuff. Still they succeed in it. I too put effort and energy. I got grip on stuff. But I couldn’t make it. These gave me a setback at times.

I guess, this is the way life works. Some get more and some get less. Some get easy and some get hard. That’s how the nature has maintained the balance. Every up and down has its beauty. Perhaps that’s the destiny. And fruit of my karma’s.  These are the few which had hurt me hard at times. And made me a green eyed ugly lady for few moments..




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