Observation: THE Mentor


I got to see one video today. I found it quite interesting. I guess you will like it too. It might not be too aesthetic to look at. But it got substance in it.  This clip is about the way an animal finds to beat his tough luck.

My point is that this small video taught me some simple rules. Those are :

1)      Your observation can be your great coach: The cow being an animal with just mere observation has learned how to use hand pump.  We do too have learned a lot of things from observation, like our accent, way of eating, wearing clothes etc. We did it when we were child. Try to avoid it when we are grown. This small clip taught me that a mere observation could educate me a lot. I don’t need to look for big inspirations, or spend huge money to know everything. Perhaps, things going around can impart me something that can’t be taught in any institution.

2)      Necessity is the key of audacity: The cow performed this job since she wants to quench her thirsts. She couldn’t seek any help.  Out of necessity she took the pain to use the hand pump. So do we do. We afraid to take small steps because we think of failure. But we do those same things when we don’t left with any option.  Like entertaining a stranger might be hesitant thing to do for me, however I will do the same once I need to ask address or seek some help.

I am writing this to just say that we are surrounded with the knowledge and opportunities. We just need to open our eyes. We have to look with them with different perspective. Perhaps something could fill us with the nectar of knowledge. Like a photographer who captures a moment through his lenses that can narrate a whole story.  Let’s see some legendary examples:

Leonardo Da Vinci: His acumen in observation has presented him with eye to look at the details of natural world, visual effects of light on different substances. It made him great anatomist, geologist and botanist. In fact he never believed in what is said. He always believed in his observation and can be seen profoundly in his journals. Well his works are louder than any words to show his observation acumen.

Next take Galileo Galilei: He is called as “the father of modern observational astronomy”, “father of modern physics”. Through his observations, logical explanations and concrete knowledge of mathematics, theoretical physics and experimental physics he gave the world remarkable insights. Some of them are finding the sunspot, concept of Milky way, concept of lunar eclipse and many.

Sir Issac Newton:  Without his name, this talk can’t be completed. All of us have been grown up hearing falling apple story and discovery of law of gravity.

Well many physicists have given this world with miracles with their observations and quenching the need of time. So be proud to observe the things around and satiate your queries with that.

Signing off for today……….



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