Daily Prompt: English My Land of Confusion


O’ school days. They were awesome. The only pain in neck was English, to be precise the GRAMMAR. I used to get choked once it’s on board. I never used to get the purpose of it. In fact, out of the various things in the course, I was okay with Active and Passive voice and Reported Speech. I guess they were bit easy to get than others.

While figure of speech was bone in my neck. Once teacher starts, I used to hide myself by   lowering my head. I used to look here and there, and peep into other books to know whether they have answers. To be fortunate enough I was always picked up to answer. I think she just loved that expression  on my face of dumbness.

Now after so many years I understand she was correct. She tried hard to make me come out of this juggling grammar. My horror does not end there. The worst came with the tenses. I was keep on running between present, past, perfect, and continuous. I never able to get earlier which one is to be used when.  But she was very determined and my father too. They made me learn whole book of Wren & Martin. It was like a Bible for me. I have to read it morning and evening. I was made to sit and do long exercises until I got them right.

This was a terrible time for me. I hated it because my small sis, used to dance around me while I used to learn it. The moment I keep that book down, she will rush to tell everyone that I am not studying. Sometime I used to hide that book to get rid of that. However, that never worked out because of my sister. She was a spy, just needed a point to break me.

Well the other troubled phase for me is to speak in English. Although I understand English, and can write too, the soft point was to speak it fluently. To ensure that I can use the basics I learned, my father sent me to 15 days crash course of English speaking. He believed that I knew English. The only trouble was my hesitation. He broke it by making me speak for hours. Sometimes I did it in front of mirror and sometimes in front of Audience.

Now I can speak well. Thanks to my dad and my teacher. With their efforts and determination I won my land of confusion.




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