India is in middle of fierce elections. It is set to happen in second quarter of 2014. It is getting hotter and spicier every day and everywhere. Indian summer is set to break all its last records. The environment is so perfectly set that the restaurants can have their menu on political names. The most popular could be Modi Plate, the spicier could be Kejriwal plate, the most decorated could be Rahuls plate and so on. As in politics, these plates won’t satisfy the platter of the common man. They will not be good for value you pay.

Indian Politics is turning into an experimental place. The experiment sets to take five years of time. In this duration, experiments are funded by the income tax payers. And experiments are conducted by different kinds of highly trained people. Their expertise is in how to manipulate the money, services, responsibilities, and the emotions of the citizens.

I am not here to say that all are bad. Good people are doing there.  That’s why country is running. But we need to understand while we vote. Not to vote just to one because he is from my cast, religion, place, language. We need their work not their words. Vote to those who work for you. Vote to those who are not aggressive in their words but in their work. Vote to those who don’t do dramas, but do tell truth.

We need good people to rule us. Not a party. A party is combination of good and bad people. A good person not in power cannot change the whole party. But a bad party in power definitely can influence a good person.

We are the citizens. Our work is not to be a puppet of the politics of these political minds. Our objective shall be to support the one who has really brought and can bring the good changes to the society.

All voters do remember that we get just one day to lead. And they get five years to be lead. With one day of our lead they get affected. So we have the power not they have.

So show their power with a click……..



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