Daily Prompt: The Line I walk


Holy land of India is full of codes. Codes on what a woman is supposed to do. What a man is supposed to do. What a child is supposed to do. Not only that we have codes specific to roles, religion, castes and ages too.

But none of them lies in my court. I did learn all but followed what my heart has to. That’s my very first code. One needs to understand, that one who can’t live life for himself, can’t live for others. As an individual I have my own perception, which changes with time and exposure. Thus I had my own line which I never cross. To be honest there is no book and course that can design a code for you. It’s us who have to do.

Second, I always believed that one has to have discovers for self what calms him most. One should go for it blindly and undoubtedly. Having a hobby is must. I have two one to keep check on my fitness and other is writing. My hobbies have transformed me physically and mentally. They made me a better person from in and out. They are those anecdotes, which no ever can have invented for me.  Fitness has changed me from lazy, fatty couch potato to vivid confident girl. Writing has made me patient and sincere.

Third is not to live in past because it fades present. I know its hard to get. I am still juggling with it. But that’s the most active rule of my life. I do remember, when I was in my senior secondary school and wanted to be in medical school believing on my past performances, was kicked to knees. I was landed up with engineering. It took me four years to gather up myself. It made me opaque to the opportunities lying around me. I lost four year and the highest paid job too. Not only that I lost the charm and fun of my undergrad days too. Rough time made me learn not to capture yourself in past otherwise will lose present too. It will make you impervious to the happiness lying around you.

Fourth I have believed and will believe in Bhagvad Gita.   It has been a source of aspiration in my high and low times. It leads me to the path of serenity and calmness. It shifts me from entropy to equilibrium, which I enjoy the most.

Fifth and the most important one, not to have much codes for me. Rather than following them I will invest my time in remembering them. So just have five to keep them on finger tips tight.

So go and set your own codes for you……….



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