Daily Prompt: Things: Drive Me Crazy


Sometimes it’s awful the habits people have. The most awful is that they can see it on my face. Most of time, the first impression becomes the last one for me. It takes me months to change one. I can bear a lot of things. But some I can’t.

I don’t like people throwing tantrums and blowing their own trumpet. Most of Indians have these habits. They not only talk about themselves but about their XYZ family members, whom you don’t know, in fact will never get the chance to know. Since you are with that guy, you are bound to listen that. The worst comes when one can see the butterflies on my face.

The other most interesting and disgusting fact is the advising. Sometime people love to advise you. That’s the secondary thing for them; whether you need an advice or do you need on advice on the topic they are giving you or something else. That’s drive me crazy because of two things: first, do you really a well-wisher to me, and if yes why don’t you answer me I want to know. Second, Don’t you think that you should advise the person from the person’s perspective. And not throwing yours so idealistic list on others. Perhaps those could be big no for others.

Third the most disturbing fact I find is complaining one. Some of the times, people don’t understand and accept that they do make mistakes and others can make too. Just keep on complaining won’t help. And making it on your top of pitch is the disaster. If you have any remedy then please do discuss that too. Just complaining won’t work. Second, I find it hard to digest that they don’t look for facts and jump to conclusions. This attitude is not help but fills negativity in air.

And the last one but not the least, as it is the most terrible one, Back Bitching. This is Girls favorite. Like a girl never goes out without her vanity so is the back bitching. They can never miss it. They love it like they love their makeup routine. They can hang up their guys for hours but won’t miss a single chance to have it. So addictive this habit is. That’s the one I detest most. The moment one starts doing it. I feel, If she can do it to me, then she can do mine to anyone.

All the things I hate are relevant to one’s nature. One’s nature matters me most. I can adjust with the physical one, but not with the interior one. I always grew up believing that once is good from inside can be made marvelous from outside. I also believe that one has something which is the unique and the most loved one. So when I get into these situations, I try to ignore the wrong one. If I get chance I try to correct them. If I don’t get, I just get along with them.



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