Daily Prompt: Say NO to: LOWNESS


Feeling blue is the worst feeling in the world. When I am blue I don’t understand what to do. I hate to have anyone’s advice. One makes it worse by saying that I can understand what you feel.  I don’t understand that if I can’t understand myself then how can you.

Well I learned in my life one thing very clearly that it’s just THE FEEL, which can dominate me for seconds or for hours but can’t ever last. I need to pump up and shall dance on its head. Not let that feel to dance on my head to misery. I remember the one I had nine months ago. I was married, an MBA graduate, bachelors with chemical engineering and work experience in one of the Forbes listed multinational company. Then came the time when I have to come to abroad to live with my husband.  I thought that I can manage anything on this planet because I know a lot of things.

There started the real game. I thought that I can play fair. But the deadly start in the first half almost bent me to my knees after I landed. I started meeting the Indian families, I met a lot. I got the chance to meet other culture’s families too. To my amaze I found that “My own culture belonging families” were more unresponsive and pretentious one. Everyone was galvanized and glittered with their so called accomplishments. They were two good in making one feel low. For a moment I felt that I hit the rock. I was tarnished and devastated. I couldn’t see the way to out. But I do remember my ma’s advice: When you don’t understand anything it means only two things: Either you are to make bright future or you have just created a bright past.

With these lines, I always gather up myself believing that I am begun to start a new page to my life. Now I have few friends on this foreign land whom I can count, share and be myself. And those who had hit me hard respect me for my new sparkling confidence.

So don’t bury yourself with the feeling of lowness. It’s just the feel and will go away with time. Always take a deep breath…. Take a high jump with a belief that you are about to create a new world …….

Believe me this blue will turn into bright gold……

As my mother in law always says: Golden Future is waiting for you…….



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