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Time is money honey. I always have it on top of my list in professional life. However I learnt over the time it got the daunting effect in our relationships too. I am not talking about giving time to family, kids, friends and relatives. I am more focused to the early years of your most loved relationship. Absolutely, I am talking about the time spent with your gal or guy.

I have love marriage. I used to feel earlier that I know my man the best. However after wedding, spending a month with him realized me the truth. Both of us were not aware of each other’s habits. Yes dear, it matters a lot to know ones habits. You not only have to spend your life with a physical being but also with his/ her habits. We don’t actually adjust or cooperate with ones individuality but with one’s habits also.

I absolutely agree that there is nothing wrong with that. That’s what the relationship is all about, love, slight adjustment, acceptance and fun. To have the pleasure of all, one needs to learn and accept each other. That’s applicable to both love and arrange marriages. The relationship fails or get mechanical or pretentious when we haven’t accepted each other completely. We tried to force ourselves on our man or lady. In fact in India there is saying that in a marriage one who took the lead first will rule the marriage all time. That’s where this tussle begins.

In fact, if you ever get time and love to observe, please look to these couples. Try to notice them. You will find that one must be nagging and dominating and other will be tamed one. That happens, I swear. In very few relationships you find a friendship, the best kind of relationship.  I always want to live my relationship and not to drag it.

For this the must to do is to spend at least first two years just two of you. You need to let your relationship breath, to supply it with ample oxygen to regenerate it. This frame of time is important to understand, accept, and filling colors to your relationship. You will never get this time back into your life to set the positive correlation. So love this time, enjoy it, and please not rush, and respect the individuality of each other.

No relationship can exist without respect, one has to earn it, it can’t be demanded or snatched or created. Always have a dignity in yourself and in your relationship. So if you are newly married please hold the time and live to the fullest. And if you missed that time, no need to worry. Talk to your buddy, plan a vacation and take out time for just two of you.

Enjoy and just live ………………..

Signing off for today……….Veda …………..



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