Daily Prompt : Fate Vs Destiny

AARYA: Hi, How was your day?

VEDA: Not bad, how was yours?

AARYA: Well I believe it was good. But I troubled myself with a dilemma?

VEDA: What’s that? Perhaps I could be a help

AARYA: I got few questions. Should we believe in fate or we can create our destiny?

VEDA: This time you came up with the tough one. It’s quite ambiguous one. I believe both have their own place and both are important to understand.

AARYA: What do you mean by that?

VEDA: Listen dear, we can’t choose one over the other. Some of the times things are out of our hands which destiny has decided for us which most of time we framed as FATE. Some of the times it’s us who have to work; destiny has nothing to do with that.

AARYA:  Why do you make it worse?  Alright, tell me first about FATE stuff

VEDA: Good, let us take an example: Could you make up or choose in which family, religion, country you would born? Could you have chosen that this particular person I will fall for? Could you choose that this particular would be my true friend?

AARYA: No, definitely not, otherwise everyone would have wanted to be born in millionaire’s family and would love to have silver spoon in their mouth. For the guy stuff, then every other young girl would have wanted Ranbir Kapoor as her boyfriend. If we could have any control then no actor ever marry a divorcee or have break ups.

VEDA: Exactly, some of the times we don’t control the stuff. We think that we have chosen those options. But that’s half-true. Because though you do have other options you can’t make to those options.  Thus here FATE is the strong player

AARYA: That’s correct, What about creating your own destiny?

VEDA:   Okay, let’s see some examples: Can anyone get through the interview without filling form and preparation. Can anyone get into a dream job without trying for it? Can a business man succeed without planning, passion and efforts? Can anyone one trim down to size zero with a blink?

AARYA: Absolutely not.  One has to prepare for interviews. One has to make ways to get the dream job. Business man has to be on toe every moment.  Nobody can kill fat without effort or unless go under knife. For that too one has to make effort and have to go through pain.

VEDA: Brilliant AARYA.  You made my point. That’s what Krishna in Bhagwad Gita has said that, some of the things are in God’s hands means that would be as per your fate. Some of the things one has to do by your own like Arjuna has to fight with his own hands to end the war.

AARYA: So what’s the gist?

VEDA: We have to understand that which things have to leave on fate and which we have to do by own. With that understanding we have to make informed decisions. So that we can enjoy, can be calm and happy

AARYA: Good. So now I should take the pain to stop you to escape from your lecture because Fate has nothing to do with it.

VEDA: hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…….. okay…. See you around…

AARYA: Sure honey…till next time…









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