“Shop, Only to Save More!”: My First Expensive China…

My hubby and I are full fatak shoppers…I will not say that we are shopaholics but we are on the border line… 😀 …

We were newly married, so we had very few cutlery & crockery in our kitchen, but nothing was so good in which I can serve in front of our guest…so I was looking for a suitable China aka dinner set for my kitchen…

We got married in Feb and Sale Season hit the Delhi roads in July…it was like dream come true…We went to various shops from Hometown to @home…but I didn’t get anything like my taste, after lots of hunting also when I didn’t get what I wanted, I gave up…

As Sale & Discount Season was on boom… we decided to go ahead with our shopping spree, and we went to Lifestyle…we were hopping from one brand to another and finally after 2 hours of  rigorous exercise in the trial room, he decided to go ahead with a jeans and a tee from Lee Cooper… and I decided to go ahead with two tunics from AND, one Capri, two knee length skirts, two shirts from Vero Moda…our total bill was 15774 but after discount we got it all in 8255…we were humping and jumping like rabbits…

We were about to leave, when my eyes moved to the crockery section…and I dragged my baby against his wish towards the crockery section…we were checking out the rows after rows of various beautiful items, when something stopped me right in there…and exactly in the middle of the Lifestyle’s Crockery Section was Dinner Set of my dreams…milky white, perfectly squared from the edges, crystal like shine, smooth as silk…I fell in love with it the minute I saw it, Vicky was also very happy that I got what I was looking for…he asked me to check out the China properly for cracks and all…I picked up the plates and started dreaming about 6 course meal with a great wine…but as I check out the price, reality hit me hard and my all dreams shattered right there in the middle of Lifestyle…I kept them back, and turned to get out of the Mall…

Vicky grabbed me from elbow and asked me “what’s wrong, you always wanted it, and when you got it you are just leaving it, at least have a look…”

“I don’t want it, I don’t like it that much…we will have something else”

Vicky knows me and my expressions in and out, he knew why I left it, instead of making riddles he asked me directly “Whats the price ???”

“We cant afford it…so lets go” I told him while pressing the lift’s button.

“Still I would like to know, and don’t make me rush back to the mall” he gave me a hard look.

I gave up and told him, “Its 10000…and there’s no discount on it…its really expensive…we can’t afford it”

He didn’t say anything until I was about to sit in the car…suddenly he took me in his arms and told me “I am sorry baby, I really can’t afford it…but I promise I will buy a better China than that just give me some time…”

I rest my head on his chest and told him, “I know you will”….and I know he will because he has always given me everything what I wanted to have…

I forgot about that China with in two days…and like any other housewife was waiting for next weekend to come ASAP…on Friday evening I kept asking him “what’s the weekend plan???  where are we going to go?”…every time he was like I will take you some where…Next day, in the evening he took me to Lifestyle again and there he asked the sales girl to pack the Dinner Set, we saw last weekend…I dragged him in the corner and asked him “What are you doing? Are you out of my mind? You know we can’t afford it ..”…and as usual he ignored me and asked the girl to go ahead with packing and all….

I kept staring at him on the cash counter and everyone else was staring at the China in our hands…they were asking for more pieces but that was the last piece they had…after standing for one hour in line, cashier asked for card or cash…and instead of giving him cash he gave him Discount Coupons of Lifestyle worth 6000, so we have to pay them only 4000 bucks more in cash…I nudged him hard and asked him why he didn’t tell me so and from where did he get it from…

He replied, “I got from my office for the best employee in the last quarter…I got it on Wednesday but thought of giving you a surprise…did you like it???”

“I like it…I loved it…”…that weekend was one of the finest we ever had…On my way back to the home I was not able to believe it that I got 10K dinner set only in 4k…thanks to Vicky and his company who gives his employees Lifestyle & Shopper Stop Coupons every now & then for good performances

It’s been two years I still have it and I use it on special occasions like our Anniversary, Birthdays or for some special guests like our parents and siblings and some close friends…who ever saw it in my house always asks me where did I get it from, and I give them sweet smile…I guess I am going to cherish that China for life…

Thank you so much ❤ and a very special thanks to these big stores who come with great Discount Coupons Offer…I still have 3000 worth coupon with me of Shopper Stop…I guess I will use it in next Sale Season



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