Daily Prompt: Mr Sandman: My Weird Sleeping Habit…

When we talk about sleeping habits, I am a very weird kind of sleeper…I am scared of darkness, and that is why I can’t sleep alone…I don’t know why but dark scares the hell out me, it’s not that I imagine some ghosts or spirits around me,  but it frightens me a lot…

I never got chance to sleep alone until I started living in live in relationship with my hubby…at that time, he was in night shift and my first night without him was disastrous…I stayed awake whole night, watching TV,  and desperately waiting for him to come home as soon as possible…I used to stay awake like an Owl…This continued for over three months, until I figured out a trick…I used to keep everything ON, lights were on, TV was on, music channel was ON full volume…initially it was difficult to sleep with lights on and music running in full volume,  but within few days I got used to it…

Who ever got to know about my weird sleeping pattern, used to roll on the floor laughing…but I can’t help it, I am an Achluophobic…my brother and my BFF makes fun of me till date, well intially it used to piss me off but now I have accepted my fear for darkness…so go ahead, keep teasing…

Even today my sleeping habits remains same…well my hubby recently shifted from day shift to night shift, and the same weird sleeping pattern has started again…


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