ARVIND KEJRIWAL: New element to Indian Political Chart


AARYA:  Hi, it’s so hot everywhere.  I am fed up now.

VEDA: What’s wrong with you? It’s windy today. I can’t feel the heat. What are you talking?

AARYA:  You dumb. I am not talking about weather. I am talking about the political BUZZ going around.

VEDA: Okay. I am sorry. I agree with you. That’s so true.  These elections have brought variety of characters to us. Did u ever get the chance of watching GUSTAKHI MAAF on NDTV India. It rocks. They create stupendous satire. I just love it.

AARYA: I did watch that.  Okay, you tell me which thing you find different in these elections?

VEDA: I found Arvind Kejriwal as very interesting character. And his AAP which is full of the intellectual and renowned persons ,like Manish Sisodia, Yogendra Yadav, Kumar Vishwas, Ashutosh etc.

AARYA: Really , what did u find so interesting about them.

VEDA: I tell you. These people have opened our eyes and raised a point of concern.

AARYA: How? These guys couldn’t even run a government for 50 days. And you say that they have opened our eyes. Are you going nuts?

VEDA: No dear I am not.  They do really open our eyes. See, these guys have demonstrated that experience matters. Just a superficial vision, throwing emotional attachments, long dharnas, stealing the ideas of others  like lok pal bills, being always in media, playing a ball game, and showing power is not the politics. Politics is not on job duty course which any one can come and do.

AARYA: Can you please elaborate it. Can’t you be ever simple?

VEDA: I ‘m sorry.  Let me explain one by one.

Mr. Kejriwal has brought the eye catching agendas to the people like corruption, inflation, electricity, education, health issue, water etc, these are the most of paper headlines. And with those political agendas he tried to connect with common man. He tried to show Indian public that he is the person who is genuinely concerned with these issues. And he chose to join politics to solve them.

AARYA: So what?

VEDA: Perhaps he could have these agendas on his table. But to gather these agendas is not a big issue. Anyone can google it and will have it. But there are two points to be noted. First: What’s the feasible plan to address those issues? Secondly, if you were given chance how you implement it.   

AARYA: Madam Veda, he claimed that he had a full proof plan and he passed orders too, while he ran the government.

VEDA: That’s what my dear. He had a plan but not the feasible one. That’s where the experience matters. If one doesn’t have experience then he should learn it. What Mr. Kejriwal did? He didn’t learn anything, didn’t put any hard work, didn’t give chance to the system. But wanted to have securities, good Bungalows. On top of that he didn’t want to work with the system, but wanted the system to savors him. He forgets that he is there to savor the public. Instead he just passed the orders , CAG on power companies, announcing subsidies to 24000 families without allocating funds for that. What is he trying to put in front of us. And those DHARNAS. They didn’t lead to any goal. But it had made a historic day in Indian Political History. He showed to public that he doesn’t know how to tackle administrative issues and maintain the discipline and decorum. With that he wants to run for LOK SABHA SEATS. What will be his take on the Maoist’s issues then? He will want military directly under his control.

AARYA: I got your point. He neither has feasible plans nor he can implement them. He needs to learn how to work in the system and with the system.

VEDA: In addition to that he needs to learn the tactics to change the wrong things in the system. He needs to be reasonable and realistic. He should not pass loose comments and judgments. That’s what Indian public has expected out of him.

AARYA: Cool.  Let’s hope this time comes a government with reasonable plans and realistic goals. Let’s sign off for today.

VEDA: Sure dear, me too. By the way do share your view on Politics.

AARYA: Read it on…

Have a good day



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