My Maa…

My Maa, she is fantastically fabulous woman. I know yours is too. Every ma is unmatchable. I never realized her elegant fortified side until that day. The one I had my interview. One panelist holding stopwatch in his hands asked me to describe my ma for whole two minutes…For a second, I was blank and paused. It was not that I don’t know anything about my ma, but two minutes…My mind was jammed…how to say ??????  what to put ?????? …she cooks, she cleans, she takes care of us… where to begin with?????…cooking or cleaning…

I stopped for a moment…thought about her…had a glimpse of her…You know what was next…All these things just turned to a big no for me. The very moment I realized that she is not just a being for me. She is pride of me. I am the shade of hers. She is the one who built me. She is the one who took stands for me. She is the one who fought for me.

Suddenly cooking, cleaning, sweeping blown away…all I could see was a deadly combination of Brahma + Vishnu + Mahesh…yes the creator+ the preserver + the destroyer.

I turned back to panelists and said:

“My ma is the typical example of BVM= Brahma + Vishnu + Mahesh, same as the elegant lady sitting with dignity among us. In her world she got three futures to nurture. She built the three strong characters. She has dedicated 24/7/365 days to her job. Never takes a holiday. Wakes up early, sleeps at last. She is a committed one, and followed her passion undoubtedly. ”

With that I was thrilled. I can feel that confidence, that excitement and that heart beats.  For a moment I was away from the fact that I am in a middle of interview.  Every moment was worth it. I was eager to go back to home, to my mom, to hug her, to describe her, what I felt for her.

Guess what…I was selected…not for my degree and experience but for my maa…

Just close your eyes…take a deep breath…think of your ma…and describe her…

You will feel the same I felt…Its amazing…and worth it…



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