Daily Prompt: I Believe: Veda

AARYA:       Lalalalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Whats to talk about today?

VEDA:           Hi, you came, so good to see you,                                                                                                                Well I was thinking what makes one to move ahead in his life?

AARYA:       Did you come up with any answer?

VEDA:           Sort of, I am bit confused between belief and motivation?

AARYA:        hmmmmmmm, Well I think your beliefs keep you motivated?

VEDA:            I guess, and this motivation in turn makes your beliefs stronger…

AARYA:        Yes, Holy crap…and then these strong beliefs keeps you highly motivated…                                    gotcha…

VEDA:            So what are your beliefs?

AARYA:        You tell yours first and also those which are strict no for you… got it or not

VEDA:            Like always…….. Me first….. Okay … it’s a difficult one…..

AARYA:         😛

VEDA:         Let me put it…The things I believe are:

1)    How curve the road may be, will get you to your destination. You just have to be sure of your destination

2)   No one else other than yourself knows you better. So trust your instincts not others

3)   Give time and care to yourself, you deserve that

AARYA:        Okay , What you don’t believe in?

VEDA:            I don’t believe in

1)    Keeping hands crossed, and believing for good to happen

2)   If others have something, I should also have

3) Comparisons and Rankings

VEDA:            AARYA now its your turn, tell me yours;

AARYA:       Cool check it on blog… I had posted it………Now I got to go…


VEDA:           Alright .. take care…

AARYA:       You too, will talk tomorrow about something new…

VEDA:            Sure…


Would appreciate your opinions and views...I am here to listen...

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