Daily Prompt: Pour Some Sugar on Me

I have a sweet tooth…no matter how hard I try to control my craving for sweets…I always give up in the end…

And when you live in the land of best sweet makers in the world…its next to impossible to stop yourself from eating it…due to very diverse culture in India,  we have very diverse range of sweets…some are served hot, some are enjoyed cold…boondi ke laddo,  besan ke laddo,  methi aur saunth ke laddo, jalebi, imarti, rasgulle, gujiya, kaju katri, gulab jamun, kheer, sevaniyan, gajar ka halwa, sooji ka halwa, badam ka halwa, yuummm…The list is never ending…

But my all time favourite is kulfi and burf ka gola or chuski …kulfi is the Indian version of ice cream and  made of full cream milk…but it is more healthy than ice cream…While burf ka gola is made of ice…We have special ice crushers to make them, once the ice is crushed,  we insert a stick in the middle of the gola, then add different flavoured juices like kala khatta (the famous one), mango, orange, gulab, chocolate, and various other…and then we enjoy it like a popsicle…

I defy ice creams and popsicle to beat kulfi and burf ka gola…They can never ever quench the thirst in this prickly heat…

Nothing in this world can beat these two awesome sweet dishes flavour…so whenever you plan to visit India…kulfi and burf ka gola is a must in your TO DO LIST…till then I will finish mine as I cannot share this with anyone, it’s the famous kala khatta



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