Weekly Writing Challenge: Threes

In Indian culture, ‘3’ is considered one of the most unlucky number after 13…

You cannot keep 3 kinds of fruits or sweets or food items, while performing any sacred and pious ritual like marriage or baby shower ceremony…even in day to day life you are not supposed to take 3 bites or 3 roti’s, serving any food item 3 times in one go is a big no…

You cannot give 3 pair of clothes to anyone…even giving 3 items of food to your neighbors or anyone is considered inauspicious…people thinks that if somebody is giving 3 XYZ things to you…is performing some kind of abracadabra…

We perform everything in digit 3 during death rituals only and that is why also, number 3 is considered taboo…now, when you have been bought up in this kind of place where everyone thinks number 3 is taboo… at sub conscious level, you sort of start believing it too…

With that thought in my sub conscious, I went for shopping…actually I was looking for a birthday present for my friend…she is a reader, so I selected a beautiful night lamp…I was on the cash counter, checking out chocolate boxes, but I didn’t buy  anyone…shop owner asked me “What’s wrong ? These chocolates are really good in taste.”

I told her, “Aunty, I can’t buy these; because there are only 3 chocolates in every box, and it’s her 21st birthday…you know most of the people think 3 is a unlucky number”

Aunty looked at me, her eyes were X-Raying me, and then she smiled and said “You know as per our holy books, we have only 3 main Gods… Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh

Brahma – The Creator…Vishnu – The Preserver…Mahesh – The Destroyer…when our Gods are 3, then why are we worried that something bad will happen, if we will bring something or do something in the combination of 3…nothing will go wrong, just have faith in 3 Gods, you are good to go…”

I said “Thank you so much Aunty, for changing my perception,  I never gave it a thought like that…but now as I can understand it clearly I would definitely love to buy a box of chocolate”

From that day on wards, I tried to enlighten others also…some responded well…some called me a nutcase…still…I gifted her chocolate box along with night lamp and left a note inside…

Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh…May God Bless You…

With Love, AARYA.




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