Journey to Contribute

Journey to contribution to society is a difficult concept to put on the table but important to understand. We all always want to do something which makes sense and stand us individually as epitome or as a piece of trophy. But we fail to realize that the people who have made achievements and being known have not just did something different or differently, but they have actually in exact words have contributed to the society and have brought a meaningful change to the society.

Every morning with a cup of tea and a long walk try to find out, what actually I want to do, how can I as an individual make myself stand and feel proud. After thinking for long I understand that it’s not just Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs, Jack Welch, Ambanis, Tatas, Ruias who deserved to be acknowledged, but we too. HOW???

By making our part of contribution to the society, do you know a housewife can contribute to the society by providing a moral support to his husband by allowing him to take risks and do things which make sense to his organization and ethically right, a mother can contribute to society by building the strong characters and good human beings, a teacher can contribute to the society by making students know that education is not just the source of income but the tool to contribute to the society, a child being a student can contribute to the society by understanding his area of interest and the field in which he can make difference and not just earn. A man or woman can contribute to the society by being a good father/ mother, employee, employer, husband/ wife and act as a jack for keeping the hope of contributing to society high.

As Human Being we got a lot to contribute not only individually but jointly too, we need to understand that, the borders, religions, casts do not divide us, it’s us who divide ourselves in real, stand against each other, envy each other, kill each other.

Being the member of this whole world society we should respect the feelings of other with the feelings of ours, if it can hurt us then it can hurt them too. It is age of globalization not localization. This understanding is the biggest contribution to the society.

Why not come together and do our bit for the society…



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