Daily Prompt: Let’s Dance

I am a born dancer or at least that is what people say about me mostly…I don’t even remember since what age I started tapping my foot, but I know I love dancing…

Even today I can’t walk straight like any other normal girl…But the best memory was the one when I attended my cousin’s first birthday party…Everyone was dancing like a mad man on the dance floor…due to the loss of my Mother-in-law few months back…we were little bit upset…she was very excited about this party…so were we, but my mother in law’s sudden death changed everything…still I attended the function with my hubby, to get some fresh air…

We all were dancing and showing our best dance moves…as everybody was asking my Hubby (who is an amazing dancer) to groove little bit on the floor, I asked DJ to put on his favorite song…instead he kept playing his own mixes, after half an hour also, when he didn’t play our song, we left the floor for others and went to enjoy finger licking awesome food….

Party was almost about to end…when DJ started playing romantic numbers, and there he played that famous song from Aashiqui Movie “Tumhi ho”…I don’t even remember when he dragged me to the dance floor…before I could place my foot on the ground again…everyone in the hall was clapping and hooting…

“we were moving our ass on this floor like what…since 2 hours and you guys came from nowhere danced only for 2 minutes and stole the whole evening” …that was the only line we heard from every direction…and now we are looking forward to my cousin’s wedding, where once again we would try to create another awesome flash…


2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Let’s Dance”

  1. That’s so true. Moments happen but in order them to happen one needs a company and nothing in this world can replace YOU.

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