Daily Prompt: Never Gonna Give You Up

Smoking  & Drinking is one habit I just can’t stand…I hate it so much that I can slap the opposite person immediately…Everybody knows that smoking kills but still people smokes…why…???

I got promotion, lets drink…I am getting married, lets drink…I am going to be a Daddy, lets drink…He ditched me, I need a drink…I need a ten minute break yaar, I need to bum smoke…gosh I am feeling so low, chal weed maar ke aate hai…

Usually smoking and drinking goes hand in hand…happy or sad…drinking and smoking is the only solution… Smokers & Drinkers say that it gives them different kind of pleasure…it gives them high…

HIGH…seriously, to celebrate something you need to be high…I don’t think so…

For feeling high, you don’t need to smoke or drink, you just need to live that moment…and pain itself is such a strong drug that you don’t need any drink or weed to increase it…

One of my friend was a chain smoker, but she quit smoking because of me…I never used to allow her in my home…I know I can’t change everyone but there’s time and place for everything…don’t smoke in public places…don’t drink in front of your kids and family…at least maintain the social decorum…

“nashe ke liye sharab ya cigarette ki jarurat nahi hoti, kyunki jeet ki khushi kisi nashe se kam nahi hoti… aur agar aap dukhi ho to wo gham kisi nashe se kam nahi hota”  


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