Stop Judging…Will you…???

“Papa, Symbiosis aur XLRI se call aa gaya hai” (Papa, I have got a call from Symbiosis and XLRI)

“mmhmm…SP Jain aur NMIMS ka kya hua” (What about SP Jain and NMIMS?)

“unki list abhi tak nikali nahi hai, next week tak  aa  jayegi” (They haven’t released their list yet, I guess it will come out by next week)

“mmhmm….aur kisi college ke forms bhare ki nahi” (have you filled the forms of other colleges)

Nowadays, in India every other student wants to go for MBA (Masters of Business Administration). If you don’t have MBA degree on your Resume, then I am Sorry…you are good for nothing…well that’s how most of the people and companies think here…I am not against MBA, in fact I have one too in my  kitty, but I am against its Selection Process…

To begin with, students who want to pursue MBA have to appear for Entrance Exams.  Most of the renowned colleges conduct their own Exams, as soon as results are out…based on the cut-off, as per their scores students start expecting calls… head to the second step in Selection Process that is Group Discussion(GD) and then Personal Interview(PI) …finally  you wait for the final list, either you are  on the list, and do party all night… or better luck next time…

Now with so called coaching classes majority of the students do well in GDPI, still they don’t get their names on the list…here comes the real trouble…what shall I do now???…Earlier, competition was not so tough, now it’s getting harder and harder. If we sum up all the seats of best colleges in India, it would be approximately around 8000 to 10000…and number of candidates is in lakhs…I am sure you can understand the rat race situation out here.

The most difficult phase of the whole process is cracking exam, but majority of the colleges gives only 30 to 40 percent weight age to these exams…around 10 percent weight age to past academic record and 50 percent weight age  to GDPI…Now,  you did great in your exam,  performed well in GDPI…then what went wrong that your name is not on the list…this question  hangs in air for long time…kills you every moment, let ones moral down….I tried to look for the answer everywhere,  double checked with result…. replay whole GDPI process again and again…still nothing to note…then  got a call from a friend that she got admission in Symbiosis, how ?…God knows…I was trying very hard to understand what went wrong…I did better than her in GDPI, scored more than her, still she is on the list I am not…

After few days, I was again going through all of this shit…then it clicked to me that my past academic records are not as good as hers…that was the only reason I didn’t get admission in most of the Top B Schools (MBA Colleges) in India…Instead of feeling bad about my grades, I was infuriating from inside…Just because I didn’t score well in 10th and 12th …I don’t deserve to study in best colleges of India…that’s not fair. Why one should be reminded of a mistake whole life? Why one shall be abstained from the good, opportunities wanted most?  Why one shall not be judged for the past but for present?

Every year majority of students doesn’t get admission because of their past academic records…but is it really fair..??? How could you even decide that any XYZ student who did well in 10th or 12th or in Graduation is the only deserving candidate. And here by well… I mean student is supposed to have above 90+ in every academic exam he has ever given. Now that’s a total crap…many students never get serious about their studies until they are in 12th… they don’t even have proper career counselling by then…and colleges are for fun…

In India, every other parent wants their kids to study hard and score above 90+ not only in school but in college too…but how could you be so sure that only a 90+ student can deliver you the best in life…we have many examples in history like Edison & Einstein, who were never 90+ in their studies…but they changed the entire history of human existence…There are many students who become serious about their career only later in life and that’s fine…because childhood is all about playing and eating whereas teenage life is all about flying high, falling in love, trying their best to look beautiful and sexy…and college life is all about making mistakes, learning from those mistakes, getting confused about their career, what shall I do MBA or M TECH or shall I do some job or shall I start my own business…GOSH…Why am I so confused ???

I am sure if at all these colleges and their top management  provide same kind of atmosphere and platform to  non 90+ students…they will deliver you the same and in some cases better than the 90+ lot…any student’s score card never tells you about his caliber. Rather than dividing the students in 90+ and non 90+ categories…it would be better to improvise more and more Institutes that can provide equal opportunities of exposure and learning…Anyone’s scores can never assure you about his knowledge and skills…by studying hard anyone can have 90+ and by practicing hard anyone can polish his/her skills…but knowledge is something beyond that…

I have been through this crap, I will not say that I was dumb but I was never comfortable with this number game…but with time I got the right platform…it helped me in taking the right decisions in life…I don’t have any regrets, I know I could have done better…but I guess my being an average student helped me in becoming better person in life…I have stopped judging people on bases of their careers, degrees, salary slips… For me, any Tom, Dick & Harry can acquire 90+…but at the end…one’s final decisions will outsmart ones in life…

That’s Aarya signing off for today…


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